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Asp Scripting Language Code Examples

Another month, day, year dropdown creator
How to shutdown reboot logoff WIndows 9x NT Me 2000
Query database and Variables
European Weeknumber
MkGraph Function
Moving Image
Format Dates
ASP Form Maker
SQL Random ID
Pagination Navigation
Paging with Alternating Colors
Safe Colors
Form Maker
Remove Duplicate Records
SQL Random Line
Random Picture Generator
Base 64 Encode - Decode
Binary to Integer
Display Table, Edit Record, Update Record
Import the SQL Server error log into a table
URLDecode Function
Get the ansi value of a character
Number to Decimal
Dynamic Database Tables
ASP-CSS Drop-down
Ban a user based on IP address
Convert Bytes
Database Display via GetString
Delete Record with SQL statement
Simple Login Security
Format Numbers
Block more than one IP address
Check local-internet IP Address
Complete working Basic Authentication
Check email address using Regular expressions
Compare 2 strings using strComp
This shows the date a file was created
This copies a folder called mydata to backupdata
Convert Records To Arrays Using GetRows
Dynamic Dropdown Boxes
List of Server Variables
System Detector
Reading and writing cookies
Server Variables
URL Decode
WSH Script to remove un-needed IIS Script-Mappings
Count words in a sentence
This shows how to convert from degrees to radians and vice versa
This deletes a file if it exists using the DeleteFile method
Shows how to delete a file using the Delete method
Display all available drives on your system and displays
Display all files in a directory
Display ASP code on an HTML page
Limiting the Upload Size
This checks if a drive exists , in this case C and displays a message
Send an email function
Protect your Client Side Script with ASP
Selected item in Combo Box from database - more thoughts
Universal URL check
Factorial function