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C > Sorting Searching Code Examples

C Program to Implement Pancake Sort on Array of Integers
C Program to Implement Pigeonhole Sort
C Program to Implement Postman Sort Algorithm
C Program to Implement qsort using function pointers
Program to Implement Selection Sort Method using Functions
C Program to Implement Selection Sort Recursively
C Program to Implement Stooge Sort
C Program to Input Few Numbers & Perform Merge Sort on them using Recursion
C Program to Perform Binary Search using Recursion
Program to Perform Comb Sort on Array of Integers
Program to Perform Quick Sort on a set of Entries from a File using Recursion
C Program to Perform Shell Sort without using Recursion
C Program to Read an Array and Search for an Element
C Program to Search an Element in a Tree Recursively
C Program to Search for a Particular Value in a Binary Tree
C Program to Sort an Array based on Heap Sort Algorithm
Program to Sort an Integer Array using LSDRadix Sort Algorithm
C Program to Sort array of Structure
C Program to Sort Elements in Lexicographical Order (Dictionary Order)
C Program to Sort N Numbers in Ascending Order using Bubble Sort
C Program to Sort Structures on the basis of Structure Element
Program to Sort the Array Elements using Gnome Sort
C Program to Sort the list of Strings
C Program using Recursion to Search an Element in Array
Displays a binary tree in C programming language
Implementing bubble sort algorithm in a C program
Median Program In C programming
Program to Sort String Characters in C
Quick sort on two dimensional string array
Quicksort program in C programming
Selection Sort Program in C
The Insertion Sort in C programming language
The Quicksort in C programming

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Find Sum of Node values at Row or Level
C Program to Find the Summation of Node values at Row or Level. Create a new node with the data from the user. Check for root node and then create it. Searching for the...

C++ Program to Implement Counting Sort
In c++ sort pogram sample, count the number of 'occurrences' of each element. And store it in the Array of size same as the range of data input. Use element value to refer the counter

Topological Sortings of a Directed Acyclic
Topological sorting for directed acyclic graph (dag) is a linear ordering of vertices such that for every directed edge 'uv', vertex 'u' comes before v in the ordering. 'Topological Sorting'

Check Whether Two Matrices are Equal or
C program to enter elements in two matrices and check whether both matrices are equal or not. C code to check whether elements of two matrices are equal or not. Input elements
C++ Coding Sorts a Data using Heap Sort
Heap sort is comparison based algorithm. It's selection sort sample. The time complexity is O(n*log(n)). Build a max heap using the given data element. And then Delete the root node

C++ Bitap Algorithm and String Matching
The algorithm tells whether a text contains a substring which is "approximately equal" to a given pattern, where approximate equality is defined in terms of Levenshtein distance and

Performs LU Decomposition of any Matrix
C++ Program perform LU Decomposition of a matrix. LU decomposition factors a matrix as the product of a Lower Triangular Matrix and an upper 'triangular matrix'. Code sometimes

Swaps Array Elements and Reverse Arrays
Program declare an integer array of size five, initialize it using for loop. Pass size and array name to function. Function uses for loop and "swap array elements" with in it. A for loop is