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Csharp Programming Language Code Examples

A hierarchy of timelines
A rectangle with curved corners
About Dialog
Add a control to a Panel
Add buttons to a Canvas with code
Add child control
Add control to a form window
Add control to a window
Add Ellipse, TextBlock to a Tree
Add image to Button
Add Image to Statusbar
Add items to combo box
Add Polyline to UniformGrid
Add Separator to StackPanel
Add Thickness for Padding
Adding Hyperlink to TextBlock
All Mouse Cursors
An ellipse that has been scaled by 20%
Anchor Two Buttons
Animate EndPoint
Animate the background color
Animation In Style
Application Exit event
Application Startup event
Apply Syntax Highlighting in a Text Control
Automatic Width and Height
AutoScroll Window
Basic DialogBox
Bind a TabControl to a data source
Bind current time to Button
Bind to XML Data embed the data directly
Binding Label to TextBox
Binding With Data Context
Bold text in Flow document
BorderLess Window
Bouncing Ball
Built-In Command Bindings
Button Click event handler
Button Image, Size, Parent
Capture Mouse Ellipse
Cast event sender to a control
Center form window
Change Button text
Change StackPanel Orientation
Check Spelling Error
CheckBox with Label
Checked RadioButton
Clear FlowDocumentReader
Click on me to change the color
Code Animation Accelerate Decelerate
Color Fill dialog
Command Enabling
Control Enabled
ControlDark to ControlLight
Controlling The Storyboard
Converting text to geometry
Copying from the Clipboard
Copying to the Clipboard
Create a button when the page loads

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