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Php > E-Mail Code Examples

Another SendMail
Campaign Mailer - Allows sending emails to a mailing list with multiple classes
Checking if Email address is deliverable
Checks if an e-mail looks like a valid one. Returns TRUE if the mail is correct
Class for sending mail with MIME attachments in multipart format using
Class that allows the PHP developer to establish connections with a POP3 mail
Class to send a file as an attachment with the php mail() function
Clever Email Validation Function - E-Mail validation function with an eregi
Email a user with out exposing email address
EMail class that supports MIME quoted printable encoding of message
Email Validation - Gone Wild
Email Validation
Email validation code
Email with attachment
Example of function to send out email if error occurs
Get Email Addresses from Strings
How to send e-mail with attachments ( with some corrections )
HTTP Basic Authentication via POP3.
Multi Type Mail
PHP Email Attachment v1
PHP Email Attachment v2
PHP MIME Decoder. This class decodes Mime Encoded email message
PHP port of Matt Wrights FormMail.pl WWW form to e-mail gateway
Protect your mailto email addresses from bots - pure PHP
Sample WML Mailer
Search Mime Email Structure
Simple form mail
Simple Postcards
Simple script to send emails via a html-form to different users
Smtp Auth Email Script